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CRS’ ARP Project: DREAMVille Homeowners’ Association Officers Leads the Conduct of General Assembly

By Pathy Rose Aborque/CRS. As an advocate of community participation and empowerment, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has been consistent and committed to providing platforms to the community wherein they can showcase their potentials and contribute to their communities’ development. In view of this, Anibong Resettlement Project (ARP) is implemented wherein all families are given an […]

Finding Voices Making Decisions, the Anibong Resettlement Journey

written by Alma Petilla, Community Facilitator/CRS. It is easy to give away shelters, but to create homes out of the shelter is a different matter. The Anibong community is a people limited in access to basic services, limited in opportunities, and largely wanting in confidence to deal with a formalized environment, and not to mention […]