CRS organizes Solid Waste Management Skills Development Training for Partners

By Maria Christine Sia-Posas

Advancing a key component of urban disaster risk reduction program, Catholic Relief Services/Philippines presented and discussed the proposed project framework for Solid Waste Management-based Sustainable Livelihood (SWM-SL) for urban poor as means for reducing solid waste accumulation in barangays in a hope to lower flood risks in Metro Manila.

Aside from the SWM-SL presentation, CRS also organized a SWM skills development training for operating the materials recovery facility (MRF). With funding from the United States Agency for International Aid/Office of Foreign Development Assistance, the training aims to improve door-to-door household waste collection system in 22 partner barangays and to establish and operate a waste recovery, recycling and diversion system to help address solid waste in Metro Manila, one of the major components of project SUCCESS or strengthening urban communities’ capacities to endure severe shocks.


Participants of the training were from Caritas Kalookan, Diocese of Malolos, Barangay Coordinators, Purok Coordinators and waste collectors per barangay. Part of the training is to witness best practices in the door-to-door collection of kitchen wastes and composting using the happy soil composter of model barangay Concepcion Uno of Marikina City. After the training, participants then proceed to barangay Holy Spirit in Quezon City for a briefing on different livelihoods programs and how the barangay won as the champion model in Zero Waste Management.

The participants then proceeded to observe the secondary sorting and packaging of different types of recyclables composting in barangay’s Material Recovery Composting Facility. The participants also observed the barangay urban agricultural development gardens project.


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