Empowering Communities Through Livelihoods: The inspiring story of RAMS Native Chicken Raisers

Written by Aiko Jane Osa 

In Eastern Samar, a women’s group called RAMS or Rizal, Alang-Alang, Sta. Margarita and Sta.Cruz has started their animal feeds retail business using the last cash tranche they have received.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS), with funding from Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD), Catholic aid agency of England and Wales, helps group like RAMS to start their own business through the second phase of Typhoon Haiyan Livelihoods Program for Haiyan survivors.


Women are spending more time on their livelihoods than during the pre-Haiyan time when they just stayed at home. The women shared that before the livelihoods program, they spend most of their time in the house whiling away the hours after doing their usual household activities.

“I couldn’t believe that I can be good in raising chickens and earn money from it. …every time someone will buy our chicken, my husband really waits for me because I will be the one to decide,” said Ana Jean, one of the female members of RAMS.

Ana also sees this change as positive because they are now spending their time productively. “Aside from having a source of income, we also have the chance to get to know more people in the community and thus grow our business”, she said.

The members of RAMS cluster are positive that they will be able to continue their operation even if CAFOD/CRS will no longer be around to guide them. “CAFOD/CRS will not be leaving us empty handed. They gave us everything we needed; cash, trainings, learning journeys. This is more than enough for us to stand on our own,” shared by one member.

FULL STORY HERE: empowering-communities-thru-livelihoods-rams-native-chicken-raisers


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