Project SUCCESS launches Private Sector Providers

story and photos by Morena (Yeng) Nadua and Roxanne Feliciano/CRS.

Caritas Kalookan, the implementing partner of Project SUCCESS in the areas of Malabon and Navotas recently launched the certified Private Service Providers (PSPs) of the Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC), a  component of Project SUCCESS that aims for vulnerable households have built savings in times of crisis.


The events took place last April 13 at Barangay Tonsuya; April 15 at Barangay Maysilo, April 18 at Barangay Bagumbayan South (BBS) and April 25 at Barangay North Bay Boulevard South (NBBS). Each event was attended by more than a hundred community members, among of which are the members of the groups formed by the field agents.

A total of nine field agents were certified as Private Service Providers and were introduced thru ceremonial activity in their respective barangays that will continuously provide services of SILC, even after the project ended. It is part of the project’s sustainability in the partner barangays that SUCCESS wanted to impart or leave on after its three-year implementation.

The field agents that were trained by the project of SILC principles, have formed 7 groups each and have earned savings more than what the people (the group) itself has expected. After undergoing different trainings, group formations and assemblies, and the process of certification, finally, these Field agents have reaped the fruit of their labor. Now, they are certainly certified as Private Service Providers recognized by the community and the barangay. Dedication, diligence, and passion to serve their neighbors or ka-barangays, is what pushed our FAs now PSPs to continuously provide services to the community. The life-changing and heartwarming testimonies of the group members are evidences that marked positive outcomes of SILC into their lives, and these are brought by their diligent FAs. The testimonies are proofs that SILC work in an urban poor community, where savings is least expected to happen, and it has brought changes to the mind setting of the community people.

What lies now ahead for our new certified PSPs is to form and create more groups within and outside their community. To inspire and change more lives of urban community on the mentality that poor cannot save and bring more positive outlook in life that in times of disasters the poor can have an emergency fund that will aid in their recovery and to make more communities resilient to effects of disasters.




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