Last February 10, during the Learning Conference in Davao, CRS/Philippines released the study on Local Solutions to Land Conflict in Mindanao.

The paper on LOCAL SOLUTIONS TO LAND CONFLICT IN MINDANAO presents a land conflict typology and key policy-related lessons from the Applying the 3 Bs (Binding, Bonding, Bridging) to Land Conflict (A3B) project implemented over a 3-year period in 20
barangays in four municipalities in Central Mindanao with funding from
the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

As the A3B experience shows, meaningful steps can be taken at the
local—barangay (village) and municipal—level to generate viable
alternative solutions to land conflicts. This focus on local policies and
practices is both expedient and responsive to the multi-faceted causes
and dynamics of land conflict.

Solutions generated by A3B address the three most common types
of land conflicts in target areas: boundary conflicts, mortgage or
transactional disputes, and competing land claims.
In addition, the Municipal Interagency Working Groups established
under the A3B provide a sustainable platform for coordination
of relevant bodies, and a means of operationalizing the Joint
Administrative Order, No. 1, Series of 2012 issued by the Government
of the Philippines.


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