CRS distributes Emergency Preparedness Equipment to partner communities in Compostela Valley

CRS, through Project Andam, continues to distribute Emergency Preparedness materials and equipment to partner communities in Compostela Valley as part of the small grant facility of the project. The provision of small grant to each of the partner communities started in July 2015.

Partner communities can request disaster risk reduction related projects that will support each 7 Municipalities and 41 Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Committees (M/BDRRMC) to better prepare for calamities.

Mostly Project Andam’s community partners requested devices and equipment that will augment their early warning systems and camp evacuation plans.

As a strategy, CRS actively involved its partner communities in identifying risks in the community. Staff worked closely with M/BDRRMC in disseminating messages and warnings and ensures there is constant state of preparedness at the barangay level.

Early warning and evacuation plans are a major element of disaster risk reduction. It prevents loss of life and lessens the economic and physical impact of disasters. With this, Project Andam also provided M/BDRRMCs capacity building on establishing Community-based Early Warning Systems and Evacuation Planning and Camp Management training to its partner communities.

As of January 2016, CRS distributed 142 handheld radios, 8 generator sets, 1 siren, and 5 Barangay DRR Kits. There are still 31 grants to be implemented until March 2016.


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