Moving Forward after Typhoon Koppu

Agustin Bernardo is one of the thousands affected of Typhoon Koppu, local name Lando. His shelter was located near the coastal area so together with his wife, daughter and grandchild, they evacuated for safety. Sadly, when they returned in their place the next morning, he was saddened to see that only half of his shelter remained intact, the other half was completely blown away by the strong winds.

house“I was devastated. I don’t know where and how to start. It took few days before communication lines were back.”

 After a few days, Catholic Relief Services arrived in the area and distributed emergency shelter kits.  

Agustin is one of 1,500 beneficiaries who received emergency shelter kits from CRS which contains a tarpaulin, 5kg nails of different types and sizes and a 20 meter rope.

“Of all the barangays in Dilasag, I think we were the last to receive aid since our barangay was not accessible immediately after the typhoon and there’s no ser­vice for communication”, Agustin shared.

 Agustin is also one of group leaders for the tool kits that CRS has dis­tributed for every 5 households. He was not able to start fixing his shelter right away as he devoted his time in going around the community to check if everyone was alright and coordinated with the church for help for the people in his area.

 “I never expected to receive the tarpaulin and other shelter items, that is why I am so happy when I was in­cluded as beneficiary of CRS especially that I bad­ly needed the items to repair my damaged shel­ter”, he added.

Using the tarpaulin, Agustin was able to put a small extension to their shelter to add more space for the family. He was also very thankful that CRS have distributed nails and tool kits because it is very useful especially now that he is spending his full time repairing his damaged shelter using salvaged materials he found around the area.

To date, Agustin and his family are still continuing to rebuild their homes and lives. “We just have to move forward. There’s no other choice for us but to keep going.”

Story by Aiko Osa, CRS MEAL Officer.


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