A Blind Man’s Perspective

by Zairah Ocampo


Who says only a person with good eyes can see what good is?

Willy Inciso, 54 years old, a resident of Barangay 1 Poblacion, Lawaan, Eastern Samar, lost his sigh to a rare disease more than two decades ago. But not his spirit.

Since 2003, he has been working as a massage therapist through the Department of Labor and Employment and Department of Social Welfare and Development’s program Special Differently Abled People of Lawaan (SDAPOL). With his income not enough to provide for their daily needs, Willy cannot even know how they can recover from the destruction brought by typhoon Yolanda. Two years after typhoon Yolanda, Willy and his family was still living in their make shift home until the Catholic Relief Services came to know about their situation.

However, since where he and his family lives is not one of the barangays covered by CRS, he agreed to relocate in another barangay covered by the agency just to have a new home for the family.

“Our family agreed to relocate to another barangay just so we can have a better home for the family. We felt that CRS gave us importance,” said Willy.

“The way I see it, CRS is good and kind. I can’t see them but I know that inside them, they truly care because they helped me, they helped us. I hope that they will continue to do good,” Willy added.

Willy also expressed how thankful he is to the donors who funded the shelter program. “I am thankful for there are donors who look after to the people with disabilities and gave them importance.”


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