Enterprising Farmer

by John March P. Balagasay

“Farming as an enterprise is big thing for a farmer; one must know how to save from his income. Being industrious is another key in order to succeed…”

We might think that acquiring something that has a high value out of farming is next to impossible, but in the case of Felix Abunales, a 50-year-old beneficiary of inter cropping in Brgy. Coticot, Giporlos, it is possible.

He was able to purchase a tricycle out of his income from his farm products. Here is his story.

A 30-minute walk from home is the location of their farm. There, we can see several crops including different types of vegetables which he sells after harvest twice a month. Good thing, marketing is not a problem to him since there are buyers who go directly to his house to buy his products. He really considers himself as one of those farmer-slash-entrepreneurs. Thanks to his wife who leads in selling the remaining vegetables in their town.

From his income since November 2014 to now, he saved a big portion out of his earnings until it was sufficient to purchase a tricycle. The tricycle is currently used for public transport as an extra income of the family members and as a transportation for his products to other municipalities during market day.

Moreover, Mr. Abunales was also able to purchase pool table (gaming table similar to billiards) which also adds to their income.

Before typhoon Yolanda, farming and copra were his main sources of income. Unfortunately, all were devastated when the super typhoon landfall in the region. Because of the inter cropping project of the Catholic Relief Services, Mr. Abunales had rehabilitated his farm to generate income. When asked about his financial status before and after Yolanda, he said that his income has improved, thanks to his farm, tricycle and pool table, he has varied sources of income for the family.

According to him “farming as an enterprise is a big thing for a farmer; one must know how to save from his income. Being industrious is another key in order to succeed.” That is hwy Mr Abunales bacame a model farmer. He is truly a living testimony that typhoon Yolanda survivors can recover and prosper in spite of the devastation wreaked by the strongest super typhoon that landed in Philippine history.


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